Saint Clair Cemin, Psyche

Amid this extraordinary and arduous adventure which lasted almost five years, this feature docmentary is at the same time an intimate portrait of a Brazilian artist Saint Clair Cemin and as well a precise reflection of the sculptor’s making of the marble boat Psyche, from the embryonic stages of development in his studio in Brooklyn, NY to its actualization in the Sculpture Garden in Cleveland, Ohio. The filming took place between New York, Beijing, Zurich and Amazonia, Brazil (Completed February 2020).

Release Date: 2020 | | | |

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Father Arsenie

Recently transferred from Dečani near Mionica, after 28 years living as a monk, Father Arsenie, Belgradian, a cult figure from the ’80-ies, is now engaged in restoring and creating a spiritual and cultural center in the Monastery of Ribnica, which had been destroyed by the Turks in the 19th century. By reminiscing about his complex past, Father Arsenie takes us into his daily life: the scenes intertwine with his daily activities as a monk; prayer, service and culturing Orthodoxy come first. Father Arsenie is also a very talented painter, writer and sculptor, so as we listen to his answers to questions on faith and finding love for god, we also discover his artistic creativity. We learn of when and how he had found his meaning of life through Orthodoxy and a complete dedication to the spiritual life as we hear about his transformation in New York, where he lived as a young man. This intimate portrait of a contemporary, unusual monk with a higher cause is accompanied by just as vivid, unlimited beauty of nature in the landscapes that surround the Monastery of Ribnica.

Release Date: 2020 | | |

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Adam Fuss, A Landscape of Imagination

Adam Fuss, A Landscape of Imagination is a feature documentary that delves into the artist creative process and the life forces that inspires it. Adam Fuss, is a British photographer who lives and works in New York City for more than four decades. Through this journey, almost two years long, the images of Upstate New York, and Sussex, England, are combined with the working process inside the artist creative studio in Cheesy NYC. Nature that is incorporated in Adam’s work, as an inspiration and motivation and we can clearly see two faces of Adam, one as a public figure whose influence in art is internationally acclaimed and the other is of a loving father and devoted son who desperately tries to make a solid balance between those two separate worlds, following the traumatic events concerning his young son Arden.

Release Date: 2017

Hollywood New Directors 2018,LA - Best Documentary and Audience award
65 March Film Festival 2018, Belgrade - Official competition |

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Metamorphosis, shot between 2015-2018, is a reflection of the observations of the working process of three colorful artists nestled in different parts of the world. Scenes from Berlin, Brooklyn, Belgrade, reflect each artist's creative journey. Laura, Stef, Olympia, are the main heroes who bring forth their creativity by focusing on the forces of inspiration that constantly challenge and transform their visionary opus by answering the question “Who am I?

Release Date: 2019 |

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Madeleine Hatz, A Royal Vagabond

Madeleine Hatz, A Royal Vagabond, an experimental documentary about artist Madeleine Hatz is a filmic prose poem: a portrait built from juxtaposed images and recurring visual elements, dispensing with conventions of plot, narrative, and chronology. The film is structured by pendular rhythms: country and city life, vita contemplativa and vita activa, dream and waking life, professional and private life. Inner and outer worlds alternate: daily rituals, insights, dreams, and acts of painting all intermix and nourish one another. This alternating structure is precisely apropos for the film’s subject: Madeleine Hatz is one of few contemporary artists who practices in two radically different modes, as both a solitary studio artist and a socially engaged performance artist.A “royal vagabond”, Madeleine Hatz is at home everywhere and nowhere. The film intercuts scenes from Lund, Stockholm, a country dacha in Södermanland County, and Brooklyn, all places where the artist has lived and worked. Sometimes dressed in a tattered robe, she passes through varied landscapes with the authority and autonomy of a St Francis. The artist has a natural dignity that grounds her in any place or situation; a character trait that, the film’s title suggests, was shaped by her family’s aristocratic background, but which ultimately rests upon her fiercely independent spirit. This artist’s homeland is not any particular geographic place—but rather the intersecting terrain of reason and intuition, logic and dreams, where private and collective imagination has its source. In these borderlands the artist transcribes shared longings and undercurrents "Songs from the Underground,” to quote the title of her most recent exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm.

Release Date: 2018 |

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Burn, an observational journey of Taylor Kendall as Olympia Bukkakis, a struggling drag queen performer, shot during a two year period between Berlin, Brooklyn and Belgrade up to the moment when he achieves internationally recognized superstar status. Olympia Bukkakis is someone who is still connected with his roots and poetry. The excitement of eccentric, filled with emotions, performances is actually a portrait of a young Aussie, which combines dreams and desires towards his artistic vision.

Release Date: 2017 |

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Laura Kaplan, Love is All that Matters

Laura Kaplan, Love is All that Matters, is an experimental documentary that takes us on a journey into the Labyrinth of love and desire through the portrait of New York based artist, Laura Kaplan. Her vulnerability is entangled within the disparate elements of her artwork inside her own agonizing world. Amid the chaotic visual medium, the artist is trying to find the answer to the question she has been relentlessly asking: Who Am I?

Release Date: 2017

Winner of best short film in BANEFF Stockholm 2017
LIFF 2017 (official competition)
LAFF 2017 (special mentioning)

The jury of Balkan New Film Fstival docshort, in documentary film category awards Laura Kaplan, Love is All that Matters by Svetlana Cemin, for exemplary production and for promoting the art of documentary in general as the best woman's presence for 2017. |

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