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610FILM, theatre and film production company is based in Brooklyn, NY. Our mission is to capture the moments of creativity that are expressed in a unique manner, with a commitment to working organically and diligently to promote the works of artists and art in general. We represent scripts and works of various artists and filmmakers from around the globe. We believe in the flow of inspiring ideas and challenging stories that are addressing truthfulness, each in its own right. Our team is an international group of creative people who are developing and creating awakening visions in a spontaneous and impassioned manner collaborating on a diverse range of projects, from short films, art documentaries, experimental theatre to feature films. We are open to considering works in progress of emerging artists.

2017 All Rights Reserved - 610FILM


Stef, is an artist and a graphic designer. Her confession about transgender transformation through the support of estrogen was filmed in Berlin 2016.

Executive producer: Svetlana Cemin
Director: Svetlana Cemin & Ivan Talijancich
Producer: Svetlana Cemin
Screenwriter: Svetlana Cemin
Cinematography: Dixie Shmiedle
Sound: Oliver Drupel
Editor: Svetlana Cemin
610 FILM All rights reserved 2016

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